American Firms in Europe

American Firms in Europe

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The processes of the Americanisation of Europe and the moves of American firms abroad have been already well studied. But the very expansion of American firms in Europe still lacked a comprehensive survey. This book gathered two dozens of academics on an actual European level, which paves the way to comparisons, synthetised by leading business historian M. Wilkins. The breakthroughs achieved here concern the topics of timetable and rhythms of American FDIs in Europe, the patterns followed in each country, along with the specificities of each industry or service sector, and the strategy adopted by big firms. Beyond the facts, the immaterial aspects of this business history are scrutinised, especially about the perception of American firms by Europeans: firms' corporate image and identity were at stake. The Europeanisation of American firms is a key issue, about industrial relations, management. commercial policies. brand image, connections and embeddedness. The positions of public authorities and of (industrialists and trade unions') lobbies in front of such an American offensive are also gauged. Graphs and tables of figures provide numerous data. And a few chapters are accompanied by an overview of ads published by American affiliates in newsmagazines. to fuel analysis of their perception by consumers.The original, universalist Ford model had to be temporarily abandoned in favor of a multitude of products and ... Though the company benefited by having its factories distributed over a large area and varied markets and thus limiting its risks, ... The establishment of the Eec and the Efta did not immediately result in free trade.

Title:American Firms in Europe
Author:Hubert Bonin, Ferry de Goey
Publisher:Librairie Droz - 2009


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