American Immigrant

American Immigrant

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qGenerations of immigrants bring their rich cultures to America. Rosalie Porter is one of those millions, but she is also one in a million. Read American Immigrant to understand why we value those who come here to improve their lives and ours.q---Senator Stan Rosenberg, President Pro Tempore, Massachusetts State Senate qPorter is a national treasure---a bilingual teacher who had the guts to take on the politically correct educational establishment.q---John J. Miller, National Review, Author of The Unmaking of Americans qRosalie Porter is a fascinating character. Her life story reflects the most basic American ethic---the individual's freedom to work, serve, and achieve.q---Lincoln Tamayo, Massachusetts English for the Children Campaign 2002 Immigration is one of the most contentious issues in twenty-first-century America. In forty years, the American population has doubled from 150 to 300 million, about half of the increase due to immigration. Discussions involving legal and illegal status, assimilation or separatism, and language unity or multilingualism continue to spark debate. American Immigrant is part memoir and part account of Rosalie Pedalino Porter's professional activities as a national authority on immigrant education and bilingualism. Her career began in the 1970s, when she entered the most controversial arena in public education, bilingualism. This book is also Porter's testament to the boundless opportunities for women in the United States, and to the unique blending of ethnicities and religions and races into harmonious families, her own included, that continues to be a true strength of the United States. She explores the emotional price exacted by dislocation from one's native land and traditions; traveling and living in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia; and the evolving character of marriage and family in twenty-first-century America.heater the tank had burst, leaking gallons of water that simply put out the fire. The kitchen was in a ... I sewed curtains for the windows, arranged our second-hand furniture from Amherst, and repaired window screens. Outdoors, the groundsanbsp;...

Title:American Immigrant
Author:Rosalie Pedalino Porter
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 2011


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