American Legal Injustice

American Legal Injustice

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Forensic psychiatrist Emanuel Tanay has testified in thousands of court cases as an expert witness. Tanay provides a 'behind-the-scenes' view of our criminal justice system and clear examples of the rampant injustice that he has witnessed. He argues that the potential for injustice is built into our legal system in the form of incompetent lawyers, the imbalance of resources between the pricey defense lawyers hired by large corporations in civil trials and the inexperienced lawyers often hired by plaintiffs, and the political concerns of elected judges and prosecutors.By 1995, Mr. DuPont had developed the belief that he was the American Dalai Lama and also that he was the ... Mr. DuPont drove his Lincoln Town Car with Pat Goodall as a passenger in the front seat. ... Pat Goodall said that when Mr. DuPont began to shoot Dave Schultz, he said, a€œDo you have a problem with me?

Title:American Legal Injustice
Author:Emanuel Tanay, Robert I. Simon, M.D.
Publisher:Jason Aronson - 2011-12


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