American Sunshine

American Sunshine

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In the second half of the nineteenth century, American cities began to go dark. Hulking new buildings overspread blocks, pollution obscured the skies, and glass and smog screened out the health-giving rays of the sun. Doctors fed anxities about these new conditions with claims about a rising tide of the qdiseases of darkness, q especially rickets and tuberculosis. In American Sunshine, Daniel Freund tracks the obsession with sunlight from those bleak days into the twentieth century. Before long, social reformers, medical professionals, scientists, and a growing nudist movement proffered remedies for Americaa€™s new dark age. Architects, city planners, and politicians made access to sunlight central to public housing and public health. and entrepreneurs, dairymen, and tourism boosters transformed the pursuit of sunlight and its effects into a commodity. Within this historical context, Freund sheds light on important questions about the commodification of health and nature and makes an original contribution to the histories of cities, consumerism, the environment, and medicine.Then why not utilize as much as possible of the ultraviolet in the sunshine which is available on nearly every parcel of land.25 A remarkable French design one- upped Stockbarger: the revolving solarium at a health resort in Aix-les-Bains chased its gift horse down. The facility followed the suna#39;s movement across the sky and added mirrors for more constant tanning. ... of Professional Architects and so did F. W. Parsons in the article a€œSun Worship, a€ which celebrated sunlight innovations.

Title:American Sunshine
Author:Daniel Freund
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2012-05-07


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