Americanization and Its Limits

Americanization and Its Limits

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'A major addition to [the] literature... this book is a major enrichment of our understanding of 'Americanization', combining a rich array of new research with a rigourous attention to problems of conceptualization.' -The Historical Journal'This book is essential reading for anyone interested in post-war international economic history and the development of an internationalized business culture. It also provides a salutary reminder about the limited prospects of a national business model being transferred wholesale even in the era of the new economy and revived American dominance.' -English Historical Review'This book will be of great value to economic as well as business historians, particularly those with an interest in the development of globalization... the project is truly international in its scholarly dimensions.' -English Historical Review'The detailed essays provide some fascinating examples of transatlantic interaction... this is an important book bringing together for the first time a great deal of useful information.' -History'This book is the best by far of the recent spate of studies of Americanization, and it will be invaluable to scholars and students in a variety of fields.' -Technology and CultureA new and distinctive analysis of Americanization in European and Japanese industry after the Second World War. The distinguished international contributors analyse the autonomous and creative role of local actors in selectively adapting US technology and management methods to suit local conditions and, strikingly, in creating new hybrid forms that combined indigenous and foreign practices in unforeseen, yet remarkably competitive ways. Of compelling interest in particular to historians and social scientists concerned with the dynamics of post-war economic growth and industrial development.But, faced with the combined problems of Lehideux, Washington, and the banks, Ford once again backed away from ... revival of a facelifted Vedette, and even generated a cash flow substantial enough to start planning the long- resisted small car. ... The purchase of Poissy enabled it to escape from its cramped site at Nanterre and expand its output and model range. ... 98 Patrick Fridenson, a#39;La#39; Industrie automobile: la primaute du marchea#39;, Historiens et Geographes 361 ( 1998), 236; id., anbsp;...

Title:Americanization and Its Limits
Author:Jonathan Zeitlin, Gary Herrigel
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2000


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