America's Coolest Station Wagons

America's Coolest Station Wagons

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Noted magazine writing veteran Scotty Gosson takes an informative and lighthearted look at the lowly station wagon. Long lauded as a family mover unworthy of respect, the vintage style and quirky functionality of old wagons is now finding favor with enthusiasts and baby boomers alike. Their unique shapes and smile-inducing purpose separates wagons from more typical vintage rides, and in modified or customized form, wagons take on an entirely different personality.Somewhere out there, a 2002 Silverado is looking for its engine. Brian disguised it with ... Ita#39;s an LS1 with a 4L60-E behind it and a 2004 Buick limited-slip rear with 2.85s behind that. Brian says, a€œIta#39;s still able to pull the big trailer in overdrive, much easier on fuel, anda€”bonusa€” the speedometer is right on!a€ (Photo Courtesyanbsp;...

Title:America's Coolest Station Wagons
Author:Scotty Gosson
Publisher:CarTech Inc - 2011


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