America's Nuclear Legacy

America's Nuclear Legacy

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This book takes the reader through the testing of nuclear weapons during the Cold War, and describes their devastating effects on American citizens while the BIG LIE was forced on the public that fallout and radiation was safe. It contains horror stories involving government sponsored research programs which deliberately exposed infants, pregnant women, mental patients, military personnel and prisoners to dangerous levels of radiation. All conducted without the victims full knowledge and consent. America's Nuclear Legacy describes military accidents involving missiles and nuclear weapons -- come almost resulted in thermonuclear war! It describes secret nuclear testing in the US. Accidents and near catastrophes are explored involving nuclear power reactors, weapons plants, and nuclear waste sits in America and in the former Soviet Union. With the world awash with nuclear materials and terrorists the book tells of missing nuclear materials, missiles and nuclear weapons, and the race by unstable nations to obtain nuclear weapons. The ease which terrorist nations are able to obtain nuclear secrets from former Soviet scientists is described, including how easily nuclear terrorism will be waged against the United States and other nations.Wayne D. LeBaron. 4. Hiroshima ... Radiological Defense Manual, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Department of Defense, CPG 2-6.2, June 1977, p.8. 9. Ibid., p.ll. ... United States Nuclear Tests, July, 1945 through Sept., 1992. DOE/NV -anbsp;...

Title:America's Nuclear Legacy
Author:Wayne D. LeBaron
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 1998-01-01


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