America's Vacation Deficit Disorder

America's Vacation Deficit Disorder

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qIt is no secret that America is the No Vacation Nation. Our vacations nowadays consist of nothing more than a few long weekends a year...when we're not on staycations. Workplace stress and burnout in America are at all-time highs. That Americans are over-caff einated and sleep deprived is not surprising given that our work-leisure balance is so severely lopsided. Depression is epidemic. Chalmers' estimates that these seemingly isolated, yet wholly interconnected cultural data points cost the U.S. economy a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity...and may be shortening the life spans of Americans too! But it wasn't always like this in America...and it surely doesn't have to be either. A stunningly well-researched book, offering readers an explanation of why Americans are suffering from an acute case of Vacation Deficit Disorder...and what the unintended consequences mean to every American couple, parents, families, workers, bosses, and our nationa€™s economy. It explains clearly why Americans dona€™t travel...and why they really should! What really makes humans happy; and offers profound insight into how the lucky few Americans who do take vacations can enjoy them better and reap their life-enhancing benefits. And it passionately explains how all Americans would benefi t from his 4% Solution prescription. This book offers a compelling American centric cultural narrative that explains in great detail and with erudite analysis just who stole our vacation.a€... supplies, presents, as well as the endless array of kida#39;s needs parents know all too well. Now your family is left with $13, 896. But you need to get to and fro, and according to AAA, the annual cost to drive that 2009 Nissan Altima is $8, 760anbsp;...

Title:America's Vacation Deficit Disorder
Author:William D. Chalmers
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-05-23


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