An Exaltation of Soups

An Exaltation of Soups

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Throughout history and around the world, soup has been used to bring comfort, warmth, and good health. A bowl of soup can symbolize so mucha€”celebrations, major life passages, and the everyday. Inspired by Patricia Solleya€™s website,, and organized according to functiona€”soups to heal the sick, recover from childbirth, soothe a hangover, entice the object of your affection, and mark special occasions and holidaysa€”An Exaltation of Soups showcases more than a hundred of the best soup recipes of all time, including: a€c Festive Wedding Soup with Meatballs from Italy a€c Egyptian Fava Bean Soup, made to give strength to convalescents a€c Creamy Fennel Soup with Shallots and Orange Spice from Cataloniaa€”perfect for wooing a lover a€c Hungarian a€œNight Owla€ Soup, designed to chase a hangover a€c Spicy Pumpkin and Split Pea Soup from Morocco, served to celebrate Rosh Hashanah a€c Tanzanian Creamy Coconut-Banana Soup for Kwanzaa Spiced with soup riddles, soup proverbs, soup poetry, and informative sidebars about the lore and legends of soup through the ages, An Exaltation of Soups is a steaming bowl of goodness that is sure to satisfy. From the Trade Paperback edition.Eileen Behan, in Cooking for the Unwell, notes that clear broth soups (like a€œbeef teaa€ and chicken bouillon) may settle an upset stomach, but patients need protein , vitamins, and calories to actually get well. That means adding eggs, bits of meat anbsp;...

Title:An Exaltation of Soups
Author:Patricia Solley
Publisher:Clarkson Potter - 2010-08-11


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