An Indecent Voyage

An Indecent Voyage

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Eighteen-year-old Cara is terribly nervous about being sent to the pleasure-yacht of Lord Andrew March, one of the most powerful men in the post-collapse world of 2243. Lord Andrew will expect obedience as she is trained in all the ways to please a man, and failure to do exactly as she is told will earn her swift punishment in the form of a painful bare-bottom spanking. Serving Lord Andrew is embarrassing enough, but when Cara is introduced to Ben Weathers, one of his guards, she finds herself truly blushing crimson. Though it fills her with shame, she cana€™t help aching with desire at the thought of Ben dominating her completely and enjoying her body in any way he pleases. From the moment he meets Cara, all Ben can think about is how lovely she would feel in his arms. But Cara belongs to Lord Andrew, and Ben isna€™t sure whether he can ever truly claim her as his own. When at last he has the chance to make her hisa€”and perhaps save what remains of civilization at the same timea€”will he seize the opportunity even if it means risking their lives? Publishera€™s Note: An Indecent Voyage is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please dona€™t buy this book.To bring Lord Andrew March and his unique yacht to Key West signaled that Prince George intended to give away these girls in a style worthy of ... His highness protects our waters, so if youa#39;ll also agree to sell us some of your more conventional wares and repair a few systems, Ia#39;m ... And his foundation, whatever it was.

Title:An Indecent Voyage
Author:Emily Tilton
Publisher: - 2015-09-18


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