An Innocent Man’s Revenge

An Innocent Man’s Revenge

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An Innocent Mana€™s Revenge Sentenced to fifteen years for a crime that he didna€™t commit, betrayed and abandoned by everyone he loved, Dwayne Johnson was released seven years later when his innocence was discovered. He was falsely accused by the alleged victims, set up by friends, and maliciously prosecuted by those entrusted to uphold the law. He lost everything. Fueled with hate and fury after losing his son to this injustice, Dwayne seeks revenge on all involved in ruining his life. He embarks on a murderous rampage, forced to kill the wife of one of his unexpectant victims, unaware that she was the daughter of a crooked ex-detective. This is the same detective, Richards, who was forced into early retirement for shooting the man that allegedly killed his wife. Back in active duty, Richards has new plans for himself ... vengeance! He vigorously hunts Dwayne. Even with bodies turning up and linking to each other, Dwayne manages to evade authorities, staying two steps ahead of them at all times. That is until an unexpected, but deeply wanted love, leaves Dwayne confused, lost, and trapped as these two strangersa€™ worlds are merged into one similar reality! With a trial scene to die for, this book does more than just hold readers. It involves them emotionally, making it impossible to put driving around in a Toyota Corolla. ... In front of him was a platinum- colored 2005 SL 600 Mercedes Benz drop top on twenty-inch Giovanni rims low profile tires, an Alpine system with a DVD ... Ita#39;s one oa#39;clock, leta#39;s go and get some lunch. ... a€œJust remember, that if you ever get into any type of trouble or problems.

Title:An Innocent Man’s Revenge
Author:Eclipse Lomf
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-01-06


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