An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues

An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues

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An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues presents a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to the key environmental issues presently threatening our global environment. Offering an authoritative introduction to the key topics, a source of latest environmental information, and an innovative stimulus for debate, this is an essential book for all those studying or concerned with global environmental issues. Major global environmental issues are brought into focus. Explanations of the evolution of the earth's natural systems (hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere, ecosphere) provide an essential understanding of the scientific concepts, processes and historical background to environmental issues. Contemporary socio-economic, cultural and political considerations are explored and important conceptual approaches such as Gaian hypotheses and Chaos Theory are introduced. Human impact and management of the natural environment, and concerns for maintaining biodiversity are emphasised throughout. Specific features include: * Case studies drawn from across the world * Superb illustrations: 4-colour plate sections; a wealth of informative diagrams * Glossary of key terms, with key concepts highlighted throughout the text * Annotated guides to further reading * Chapter summaries and key points A Lecturers' Manual is available to accompany the text This 2nd Edition has been extensively revised and expanded to include many new illustrations, up-to-date data (including the latest IPCC data) and the most recent events including Khobe earthquake, French nuclear testing, the Berlin conference and the Antarctic Treaty. Sections on ecosystems, techniques, pollution, tectonics, risk and hazard mitigation, world populations, and issues of human impact and environmental management, have been particularly expanded in this new edition.The Gaia Hypothesis also explains the extinction of species as a consequence of their inability to continue to maintain the equilibrium ... The Gaia Hypothesis seeks to explain why the surface temperature of the Earth has remained relatively constant over the last four billion ... processes of Gaia, then this life-support machine will no longer sustain Homo sapiens and therefore extinction will be inevitable.

Title:An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues
Author:Lewis A. Owen, Professor Kevin T Pickering, Kevin T. Pickering
Publisher:Routledge - 2006-03-01


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