An Introduction to Surface-Micromachining

An Introduction to Surface-Micromachining

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An Introduction to Surface-Micromachining provides for the first time a unified view of surface-micromachining. Building up from the basic building block of microfabrication techniques, to the general surface-micromachining design, it will finish with the theory and design of concrete components. An Introduction to Surface-Micromachining connects the manufacturing process, microscale phenomena, and design data to physical form and function. This book will be of interest to mechanical engineers looking to scale down into micromachining and microelectronics designers looking to move horizontally to micromachining.The mean free path can be calculated as follows [13]: 1 X = ... For example, the thermal conductivity of air decreases ... For macroscopic distances, the breakdown voltage can be calculated simply by knowing the breakdown field strengtha€.

Title:An Introduction to Surface-Micromachining
Author:Robert W. Johnstone, Ash Parmaswaran
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-05-31


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