An Ordinary Drowning

An Ordinary Drowning

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When John Wilkerson, a twenty-six-year-old graduate student, escapes to the island of Culebra over spring break, he's ready to abandon his studies and his girlfriend Zoe for less technology, fewer responsibilities, and quiet contemplation of nature. What he doesn't expect is almost drowning in less than ten feet of water and a mysterious rescuer. John's efforts to figure out what he wants to do with his life and who he wants in it are hampered by Ana, Culebra's resident folk healer, a rival named Jesus, and a darkly seductive woman named Raimunda. Then there's the quirky, innocent, and very lovely young Tamarind who keeps showing up in the most surprising places. In this adult fairy tale inspired by qThe Little Mermaid, q the prince must grow up to win the girl of his dreams, the mermaid has to choose between love and power, and both will be tested by the ugliness that distinguishes reality from fantasy. An Ordinary Drowning was originally published as Volume One in The Mermaid's Pendant, a novel that The Midwest Book Review describes as a qbeautifully crafted fantasy that shows much symbolism and;Bad blooda#39; is just a saying. It means wea#39;ve disagreed before. ... The waitress led them to a twoperson table looking out over the canal where they ordered buApuelos de queso, mojo isleApo, and tembleque. John ordered a Medalla and watchedanbsp;...

Title:An Ordinary Drowning
Author:LeAnn Neal Reilly
Publisher:Zephon Books - 2013-04-26


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