An Uneasy Peace

An Uneasy Peace

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A board of trustees under the direction of King George offers debtors a choice, prison, or freedom. The selected group travels to Georgia to claim their promised land, and find a wilderness inhabited by native Indians. Strong passions, personality disorders and addictions drive the characters, Chief Justice Charles; Sheriff Hamilton; Katheryne, Mother, and Anna; Glomeister, the Director of Indian Affairs; and Bright Sun, the Medicine Man; as they actively work against each other while experiencing life in a small agricultural village. They share cultural and religious differences; love and death, a power struggle leads to conspiracy and murder. A killer turns serial and they temporarily set aside their differences to find the killer. Bonded by oppression and deception, they fight for their independence from the British Crown.Charles sat in his chair behind a dark cherry wood-made desk, smoking a pipe. a€œ Come in and please be seated.a€ Katheryne sat in the chair beside his desk, and a faint odor of cherry-scented tobacco filled her nostrils. She noticed ... will guide me in the construction of your outfit. ... The selection ball demands a special outfit.

Title:An Uneasy Peace
Author:Gloria Anne Barrett
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-01-01


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