An Unexpected Bonding

An Unexpected Bonding

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For centuries there has been hatred, bloodshed and killing between the vampire and wolf nations. A supernatural race, older than both vampire and wolf, have foreseen a future of peace and prosperity. The few work together for the benefit of all, to bring about this peace. Meanwhile, enemies within the wolf nation are working to upset the balance of power. Will the unexpected bonding between wolf and vampire be enough to overcome the centuries of hatred and bring peace and unity to all? Will the wolf and the vampire overcome their own heartaches to accept their bonding and let romance evolve? At the death of her mother, Livvie was now the only wolf-less member of the Romulus pack, and found it almost impossible to live with them. With the Alpha's permission she left to travel the country. When she fell in love, she found her place in the world and settled with the man of her dreams on his cattle ranch in Texas. But after nearly a decade away from the pack, Livvie's life is about to change. Darius, an ancient vampire, son of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, is wandering. His heart is aching, and his soul is restless. Eventually he finds himself in Texas, working for a beautiful woman with a magnetic pull he does not understand. It's only when she is taken from him, that he recognises a bond that is stronger than all others. The truth of that bond will shake him to his core. Isia is Darius' twin sister. She has also found herself in a life threatening situation, unable to free herself and praying for death to claim her. Until she is found and rescued from an unlikely source, and her life takes and unexpected change of immense proportions. As Beta of the Romulus pack, Cato has worked tirelessly at his Alpha's side. After decades of searching and never finding his soul-mate, he had given up on his search, and resigned himself that maybe the Fates were not to be so kind to him. But on a rescue mission for a lost pack member, Cato's finds out that Fate had plans for him all along.Despite spending the last three weeks labouring on the land, they were immaculate and smooth; his vampiric nature would not allow for ... His scent curled around her, a deliciously fresh scent that pulled to her, begging her to bury her face into the crook of his neck and breathe deep and long. ... Her father and Osiris were talking together, trying to establish a plan of what to do with the Remus wolfpack now that Amulius and ... ivvie sat on the leather sofa between Darius and her father.

Title:An Unexpected Bonding
Author:Rachel Lillyman
Publisher:Australian Self Publishing Group - 2014-11-01


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