Analysis and Design of Machine Elements

Analysis and Design of Machine Elements

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The book covers fundamental concepts, description, terminology, force analysis and methods of analysis and design. The emphasis in treating the machine elements is on methods and procedures that give the student competence in applying these to mechanical components in general. The book offers the students to learn to use the best available scientific understanding together with empirical information, good judgement, and often a degree of ingenuity, in order to produce the best product. Few unique articles e.g., chain failure modes, lubrication of chain drive, timing belt pulleys, rope lay selection, wire rope manufacturing methods, effect of sheave size etc., are included. Friction materials are discussed in detail for both wet and dry running with the relevant charts used in industry. Design of journal bearing is dealt exhaustively. Salient Features: q Compatible with the Machine Design Data Book (same author and publisher). q Thorough treatment of the requisite engineering mechanics topics. q Balance between analysis and design. q Emphasis on the materials, properties and analysis of the machine element. q Material, factor of safety and manufacturing method are given for each machine element. q Design steps are given for all important machine elements. q The example design problems and solution techniques are spelled out in detail. q Objective type, short answer and review problems are given at the end of each chapter. q All the illustrations are done with the help of suitable diagrams. q As per Indian Standards.The pitch can be related to the spur gear terminology by adjusting for the helix angle b. ... (21.19) diameteral pitch pdn = dp cos b We also have an axial pitch which is the distance between similar points on two adjacent teeth measured alonganbsp;...

Title:Analysis and Design of Machine Elements
Author:Vijay Kumar Jadon, Suresh Verma
Publisher:I. K. International Pvt Ltd - 2010-02-01


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