Analysis of Organoaluminium and Organozinc Compounds

Analysis of Organoaluminium and Organozinc Compounds

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Analysis of Organoaluminum and Organozinc Compounds, Volume 31 presents information pertinent to the organo compound of aluminum and zinc. This book discusses the growing interest in organoaluminum compounds as intermediates in the manufacture of organic chemicals. Comprised of nine chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the methods for the determination of different functional groups and elements in organoaluminum compounds, viz. alkyle, alkozide, hydride, aluminum, halogens, amino and thio alkoxide groups. This text then explains the different solution methods of analysis of organoaluminum compounds, including various titrimetric procedures. Other chapters consider an iodometric titration method for analyzing organoaluminum compounds, which is particularly useful for rapid analysis of diluted samples. This book discusses as well the extensive work on the analysis of organoaluminum compounds by thermometric titrimetry with suitable reagents. The final chapter deals with the detailed procedures for carrying out different analyses. This book is a valuable resource for students of analytical chemistry.contain any free acidity and no correction for this is necessary in the hydroxy value determination (the free acidity titration ... titration Transfer the four test solutions together with two 5-ml 3:1 pyridinea€”water (or ethanol) flask washings, from the 100-ml ... Record the number of centimetres corresponding to the end- point inflection shown on the recorder chart and hence ... where in acetylation procedure a = weight (g) of acetylation reagent present in the blank acetylation back titration.

Title:Analysis of Organoaluminium and Organozinc Compounds
Author:T. R. Crompton
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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