Anaphora: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

Anaphora: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

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Anaphora is a central topic in the study of natural language and has long been the object of research in a wide range of disciplines in the area of cognitive s- ence, such as arti?cial intelligence and human language technology, theoretical, corpus and computational linguistics, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology. The correct interpretation of anaphora has played an increasingly vital role in real-world natural language processing applications - cluding machine translation, automatic abstracting, information extraction and questionanswering.Giventhechallengesitscomplexityposestoscienti?cinquiry and technologicalprogress, anaphorahas been one of the most productive topics of multi- and inter-disciplinary research, and has enjoyed increased interest and attention in recent years. The cutting-edge results reported in the papers collected in the present v- ume address all these aspects. They are a selection of the best papers presented at the sixth edition of DAARC. The Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquia (DAARC) have emerged as the major regular forum for presentation and discussion of the best researchresults in this area. Initiated in 1996 at Lancaster University and taken over in 2002 by the University of Lisbon, the DAARC series established itself as a specialized and competitive forum for the presentation of the latest results on anaphora.The series is unique in that it coversthis researchsubject from a va- ety of multidisciplinary perspectives, while keeping a strong focus on automatic anaphora resolution and its applications15. van Deemter, K., Kibble, R.: On coreferring: Coreference in muc and related annotation schemes. Computational Linguistics ... Vilain, M., Burger, J., Aberdeen , J., Connolly, D., Hirschman, L.: A model-theoretic coreference scoring scheme.

Title:Anaphora: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications
Author:António Branco
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-03-16


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