And Then There Was Billy

And Then There Was Billy

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I knew it! I always go against my better judgment. See. This is exactly why you don't get involved with thugs. Wherever they are danger is trailing not far behind them. My heart continues to play drums on the ground as my brain comes up with the worst-case scenarios for what could be happening to my best friend in the other room. I swear if she gets hurt in the slightest way there will be bloodshed for days when I'm done with these two morons. If anything happened to her I would blame myself for the rest of my unfortunate life.... at the fact I could send her out in a pair of green socks, a black halter-top and a purple mini skirt with no questions asked. ... Ia#39;ll keep you posted if my answer changes, a€ I wrap my bandana to make a headband leaving two strands similar to anbsp;...

Title:And Then There Was Billy
Author:Xavier Neal
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-01


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