And They Call Me God (the Cartel Publications Presents)

And They Call Me God (the Cartel Publications Presents)

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What caused the bloody massacre within the walls of a small Baltimore city church? A thin trail of circumstances lead to Devonte Harrington, a mid-level drug dealer with a devoted group of young women and block soldiers who surround him at all times. What is his hold over them? And what inspired his legacy of savagery? Son of a selfish teenage mother, and raised primarily by his aunt Angela, Devonte was born in the shadows of the Myers Home for Veterans, and for years hidden from the world like a dirty secret. Could the start of his villainous supremacy begin here? Told through the eyes of Samantha Herrnstein, one of his devotees, we learn her view on how the absence of love spawned his wrath. But as her flare for story holds you captive, be careful, you might miss something. And we promise, you won't see it coming!a€œIta#39;s done, a€ Mario repeated. a€œHea#39;s gone.a€ Devonte nodded. a€œHow do you feel?a€ a€œ Like shit, a€ he sobbed heavily and his soul felt like it was pulling from his body. a€œI...I cana#39;t breathe...I cana#39;t.a€ a€œPull yourself together, a€ Devonte said unsympathetically.

Title:And They Call Me God (the Cartel Publications Presents)
Author:T. Styles
Publisher:The Cartel Publications - 2015-03-08


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