Angel's Grace

Angel's Grace

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Grace has always had wild red hair like no one else in her family and a birthmark on her shoulder that her mother told her was the mark of an angel. When Grace is sent from New York to spend the summer with her grandmother in Trinidad, she looks through the family album and discovers a blurred photograph of a stranger with a birthmark -- her birthmark -- and Grace is full of questions. No one is able to identify the man in the photo, and Grace is left with no choice but to find out who he is and what he might mean to her. What Grace does not know is that her search will lead to a discovery about herself and her family that she never could have imagined. Tracey Baptiste's first novel is a tender coming-of-age story set on the island of Trinidad. Angel's Grace explores the meaning of identity and truth, and the unbreakable ties of a family bound by love.a€œCrocus bags are what they pack rice into before ita#39;s sold. These crocus bag people are farmers. They live off the land, and they dona#39;t come off their little plot of earth except to sell at market. They like to wear clothes they make for themselves anbsp;...

Title:Angel's Grace
Author:Tracey Baptiste
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-08-04


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