Animal Behavior Desk Reference

Animal Behavior Desk Reference

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qWords are our tools, and, as a minimum, we should use clean tools. We should know what we mean and what we do not, and we must forearm ourselves against the traps that language sets us.q -- The Need for Precise Terminology, Austin (1957, 7a€“8) It follows that, for effective and efficient communication, people should have, or at least understand, the same precise terminology. Such terminology is crucial for the advancement of basic, theoretical, and applied science, yet too often there is ambiguity between scientific and common definitions and even discrepancies in the scientific literature. Providing a common ground and platform for precise scientific communication in animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and related branches of biology, Animal Behavior Desk Reference, A Dictionary of Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution, Third Edition contains more than 800 new terms and definitions, 48 new figures, and thousands of additions and improvements. Using a dictionary format to present definitions in a standard, easily accessible manner, the booka€™s main body emphasizes conceptual terms, rather than anatomical parts or taxonomic terms, and focuses on nouns, rather than verbs or adjectives. Term hierarchies are handled with bulleted entries and terms with multiple definitions are included as superscripted entries. All sources are cited and most are paraphrased to conform to uniform style and length. The dictionary also includes nontechnical and obsolete terms, synonyms, pronunciations, and notes and comments, as well as etymologies, term originators, and related facts. Appendices address organism names, organizations, and databases. Devoted to the precise and correct use of scientific language, this third edition of a bestselling standard enables students and scientists alike to communicate their findings and promote the efficient advancement of science.Asian Lady Beetle, Halloween Lady Beetle, Japanese Lady Beetle (Weeden 1999), Southern Lady Beetle (Marshall 2000) ... It controls aphids, psyllids, and other pests of shrubs and trees; however, it is a problem when it overwinters in largeanbsp;...

Title:Animal Behavior Desk Reference
Author:Edward M. Barrows
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-04-26


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