Anime and Philosophy

Anime and Philosophy

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Anime and Philosophy focuses on some of the most-loved, most-intriguing anime films and series, as well as lesser-known works, to find what lies at their core. Astro Boy, Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell, and Spirited Away are just a few of the films analyzed in this book. In these stories about monsters, robots, children, and spirits who grapple with the important questions in life we find insight crucial to our times: lessons on morality, justice, and heroism, as well as meditations on identity, the soul, and the meaning a€” or meaninglessness a€” of life. Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon, reaching across genres, mediums, and cultures. For those wondering why so many people love anime or for die-hard fans who want to know more, Anime and Philosophy provides a deeper appreciation of the art and storytelling of this distinctive Japanese culture.Often Samurai warriors have laid down their swords to pursue a spiritual life or have turned from a blood-thirsty past to use their swords to protect the ... The true heart of their redemption lies in these small acts, ... Edward and Alphonse draw together three other Japanese heroic archetypes: the young boy struggling for acceptance ... These archetypes are interrelated and find a fusion in Ala#39;s character.

Title:Anime and Philosophy
Author:Josef Steiff, Tristan D. Tamplin
Publisher:Open Court Publishing - 2010


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