Annotated C# Standard

Annotated C# Standard

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Standards, while being definitive, do not usually serve as the best reference to the use of a programming language. Books on languages usually are able to explain usage better, but lack the definitive precision of a standard. This book combines the two; it is the standard with added explanatory material. * Written by members of the standards committee * Annotates the standard with practical implementation advice * The definitive reference to the C# International StandardKeywords not allowed! Do not use the keywords Integral types 164 byte/sbyte naming oddity 165 12 Floating point types 166 Twoa#39;s company, threea#39;s a 162 163 164 164 crowd ... 182 Instance variables in structs 182 Array elements Value parameters Reference parameters Examples 183 Example: linked data structures 183anbsp;...

Title:Annotated C# Standard
Author:Jon Jagger, Nigel Perry, Peter Sestoft
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2010-07-27


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