Anonymous Communication Networks

Anonymous Communication Networks

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In todaya€™s interactive network environment, where various types of organizations are eager to monitor and track Internet use, anonymity is one of the most powerful resources available to counterbalance the threat of unknown spectators and to ensure Internet privacy. Addressing the demand for authoritative information on anonymous Internet usage, Anonymous Communication Networks: Protecting Privacy on the Web examines anonymous communication networks as a solution to Internet privacy concerns. It explains how anonymous communication networks make it possible for participants to communicate with each other without revealing their identities. The book explores various anonymous communication networks as possible solutions to Internet privacy concernsa€”making it ideal for network researchers and anyone interested in protecting their privacy or the privacy of their users. Identifying specific scenarios where it is best to be anonymous, it details the two main approaches to anonymous communication networks: onion routing and mixed networks. Details helpful tips for optimizing onion routing Defines and classifies mixed networks Illustrates the application of a mixed network to e-voting with a case study Considers the application of symmetric cipher and Diffie-Hellman key exchange in Tor Supplies detailed guidance on how to download and install Tor, I2P, JAP/JonDo, and QuickSilver Using examples and case studies, the book illustrates the usefulness of anonymous communication networks for web browsing, email, e-banking, and e-voting. It explains how to obtain anonymous usage permits for cloud software and analyzes the spectrum of existing techniques for anonymous cyber surfing. The text concludes by examining future directions to supply you with the understanding required to ensure anonymous Internet browsing.ON project, 174a€“176 Anonymity achieving, 10a€“14, 165a€“181 explanation of, 11 goal of, 13a€“14 I2P for, 169a€“174 ... 43, 97, 106a€“108, 106ea€“108e BitTorrent, 8a€“9 BitTorrent traffic, 8a€“9 C Cloud software anonymous use of, 151a€“163 ... See also Encryption Diffie-Hellman key exchange, 133a€“134, 138a€“151, 155a€“162 Digital signatures, 2, 21a€“25, 129, 154 Direct Download Link (DDL), 10 Directory servers, 126, anbsp;...

Title:Anonymous Communication Networks
Author:Kun Peng
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-04-10


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