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From the age of three I was abused and force-fed by my Grandmother, who convinced me I was fat. At 17 years old, tormented by an inner voice, I became anorexic and for the next l3 years, lived close to death. Finally weighing just 4 stone 10Ibs., I was admitted into intensive care. I have survived where so many others haven't. Why did all this happen to me? Why are there an increasing number of young people starving themselves to death? PERHAPS MY STORY HAS THE ANSWERSBefore I tell you my life story, let me explain what Anorexia nervosa is and how it feels to have this illness. Why does a person become anorexic? ... As the anorexica#39;s weight falls and they begin to starve, their mind focuses entirely on food. ... It is this all powerful voice that keeps the sufferer in a life long anorexic state, threatening them that if they confide in anyone about this illness, they will be locked in aanbsp;...

Author:Anna Paterson
Publisher:Westworld International Ltd - 2012-06-09


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