Another Chance

Another Chance

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In 1972, gambling is on the horizon for Atlantic City. Joey qthe Gimpq Giampietro, a fortyish Mafioso in the Vecchio Crime Family of Philadelphia, and Johnny qGaGaq Bellino from New York, have plans-big plans-to get themselves a piece of the action. Bellino's plan was simple. The Gimp made it complex. Amid the bustling streets of South Philadelphia the Gimp slips in and out of a revengeful psychotic funk. The abandonment by his mother at a young-age left the Gimp vulnerable to the abuse of his foster father-an original capo in the Vecchio Crime Family. In an attempt to settle old scores first, the Gimp never contemplates the rippling effect that his actions could have on his life. Finally, his double-dealing quest for satisfaction backfires into a fight for survival. As more and more people become entangled in the web of the criminal subculture perpetuated by the Gimp and his gang, many contemplate killing this fearsome rogue Mafioso. The most unlikely one will succeed. Inevitably everyone who falls prey to the Gimp's contrivances is forced to seek resolution in the labyrinth of his or her conflicted lives. Some find sorrow and pain. Others find hope and love. A few find tragic death. The lucky ones get another chance.a€œDid Armando get your car fixed yet?a€ she said in a ... a€œYeah, a€ he said tersely Toying with him now, Anna knew Johnny was hard-pressed to ask her for money again. She knew ... Anna kept her eyes on the road while trying not to be sarcastic.

Title:Another Chance
Author:Dominic Biello
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-11


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