Another Funny Memory

Another Funny Memory

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Cameron Samuel Rogers is a simple and goofy guy who enjoys watching movies and eating Hot Pockets. The twenty-nine-year-old banker lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio. He doesn't have a girlfriend, and it's been months since he's had a real date. His mom reminds him that he's not getting any younger and suggests he try a dating service. He leads a comfortable, but boring life; he's looking for something beyond his lonely bachelor existence. But it's not easy living in the shadow of his best friend, Tom, a wealthy playboy who is constantly surrounded by beautiful women and always throwing a party. Cameron thinks his life is about to change when Kelly, a beautiful blonde, approaches him at the bank, asks to open a new account, and invites him on a date-he can't believe his luck! But what Cameron soon discovers about Kelly could damage his lifelong friendship with Tom. Approaching life with a unique sense of humor, Cameron decides what's really important. Realizing he's been looking for love in the wrong places, Cameron makes some changes that could be his keys to a happier life.I was now starting to get into more of a hurry up offense because the clock was ticking and my pimple wasna#39;t getting any better. By the time Larry ... The cool- looking ones were a decent size, at least bigger than most goldfish ... After the first cold beer had flowed down my throat, I decided to take out my lava lamp. I thoughtanbsp;...

Title:Another Funny Memory
Author:Justin Pinnick
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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