Another Way

Another Way

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Like many young Christians, Kevin Brown had what he believed to be a strong faith, one that provided answers to all the questions he had and might encounter. He even attended a Christian college and considered becoming a youth minister. While there, though, he began having doubts about his faith, began asking questions that came from discussions both in and out of the classroom--questions he couldn't find answers to. When the church told him he shouldn't be asking those questions, he left the church and his faith behind. He kept asking questions, though, and kept looking for a faith that would allow him to have questions and doubts, yet still believe. What he found may offer an answer to the religious divide in our society--one that separates evangelical from progressive Christians, one that separates sacred from secular. In this memoir, Brown describes his spiritual journey from his first faith to the loss of faith to the way he found back to a Christianity where he can ask those questions, a different way than he knew before. He still has questions and doubts, but he also has faith, in spite of and because of those questions and doubts.In one of the first writing lectures, the professor (either Mrs. Iles or Mrs. Nipper, I can never remember which) told us ... I used the old footnotes, not because I knew that system better, but because I believed it would make my paper look longer, anbsp;...

Title:Another Way
Author:Kevin Brown
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2012-02-06


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