Another Weird Year

Another Weird Year

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The Doors? Jim Morrison was right. People are strange. Very, very strange. All the proof you need is found in Another Weird Year, a wacky jaunt into the depths of the weirdest, oddest, and most completely outlandish news stories that?strangely enough?are 100% true. After all, who in their right mind could make up this stuff?? A Chilean prisoner accused of murder escaped from jail to meet a few friends for drinks at a local bar. Later that night, he returned to the prison and demanded to be let back into his cell where he fell asleep.? Peter Holden of Washington, D.C. eats an average of two McDonald's meals a day and has eaten at 11, 000 of the chain's 13, 500 North American locations. On one 54-day business trip, he managed to visit 124 of the golden-arched restaurants.? A Chicago man was accused of killing his roommate after the pair got into a heated argument. The fight?which included weapons such as an ashtray, a pair of pliers, and a fire extinguisher?was over who had the bigger portion of chicken.This collection of items from news sources around the world has it all: accounts of botched crimes . . . crazy animal stories . . . tales of incredible luck (both good and bad) . . . and stories that feature just plain ol? fashioned stupidity.Those who follow the nightly news won?t want to miss the bizarre news delivered in Another Weird Year. It's the perfect book to keep you laughing on a long trip or when you just need to put the insanity of your own life into perspective.ln the West we have funky things like strawberry-flavored condoms, and a events like the Olympic Games condoms are ... company paid the leading football clubs a total of $1 .2 million for the use of their crests on the companya#39;s condoms.

Title:Another Weird Year
Author:Huw Davies
Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing - 2003-08-01


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