Answers for Everything

Answers for Everything

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Knowledge is a pyramid of understanding. The pinnacle represents ultimate truth from which all other knowledge can be derived. Moving down the pyramid many details and complexity come into play. These complexities are just different expressions of a single simple reality.Scientists have searched for grand unification, and many individuals have pondered the meaning of life. Ultimately, these questions are about the same thing.Joe Paladin's insight and engineering expertise, combined with help from partners, brings a new line of products to market. These products have a remarkable effect on water and serve to rejuvenate the body. These products include solid energy crystals that never wear out, and serve as a proof of concept for the physics presented in this book.Invisible oscillating spheres of energy exist and account for 90 percent of gravitational forces in this universe. The Earth's magnetosphere is pure primordial energy accelerating towards a massive near term energy release. The details of future climate changes are presented, plus a new model of the atom.200 million Americans will determine the future of mankind. A democracy acts when the majority clearly understands the challenges of the future, what to expect, and when.Emotions do change the physical state of the body, creating an environment conducive to either healing or further decay. ... First, maybe the cancer will encourage a life style change and the cancer a€œvictima€ will end up healing themselves and understand the importance of a holistic ... A bomb, bullet, or any number of other things in ones immediate vicinity can take away the body very quickly. ... in a very good state or a very bad state after death, and for a time span approaching eternity.

Title:Answers for Everything
Author:Joe Paladin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-07-01


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