Answers to Evolution

Answers to Evolution

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Middle school and high school students hear about the theory of evolution numerous times throughout their public educations. Science textbooks teach Darwinism virtually without question despite the growing lack of evidence. The full-color glossy Answers to Evolution pamphlet gives students dozens of quotes from respected scientists to help refute the evolutionary theory, and showing that even Darwin believed it could be flawed and wouldna€™t hold up against a preponderance of scientific evidence. This bestselling 12-panel pamphlet is easy-to-understand and teaches youth to understand and respectfully address errors in Darwinism. The Answers to Evolution pamphlet is a powerful tool to help young students to develop arguments that refute the evolution and Big Bang theory, among others. Using quotes and information from respected scientists, the pamphlet tackles 16 key questions regarding the theory of evolution and provides students with insight on the flaws of the theories. Here are a few of the 16 questions the pamphlet asks and answers: a€cIs Darwin's theory of evolution a fact? a€cDoes the fossil record support Darwin's theory? a€cWhat is the Big Bang Theory? The pamphlet also offers clear explanations on topics such as: a€cSelective breeding a€cMicroevolution vs. macroevolution a€cPunctuated equilibrium a€cThe Cambrian Explosion Answers to Evolutions helps Christian and Creationist communities take an informed position against evolutionary theories. Respected scientists offer solid Answers to Evolution in this pamphlet. Their answers to these 16 questions reveal the gaps and holes in evolution theories: a€cIs Darwin's Theory of Evolution a fact? a€cIs there any proof that evolution happened? a€cWhat is the Big Bang Theory? a€cIs the Big Bang Theory good news or bad news for the theory of evolution a€cCan molecules of non-living matter be transformed by a natural process into the organic building blocks of life (proteins)? a€cDoes the Miller-Urey experiment prove that organic life can be built by a natural process? a€cDo all scientists accept Darwin's theory of evolution at the cell level? a€cDo the changes in Galapagos finch beaks, or changes caused through selective breeding, prove that evolution takes place? a€cDoes the fossil record support Darwin's theory? a€cWhat is the qCambrian Explosionq and does it prove Darwin's theory? a€cWas there a gradual transition of an ape to man or the Eohippus (primordial horse) to the modern horse? a€cWhat is punctuated equilibrium and does it solve the problem of qmissing linksq?Manyfull color charts and diagrams 9781890947996 Feastsaamp; Holidays of Bible See symbols of Jesusin the Jewish feasts: ... 24 reasonsof abstinence: 12 biblical and 12 medical and emotional. ... Glossy 14-page fulla€“color fact sheets foranbsp;...

Title:Answers to Evolution
Author:Rose Publishing
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2014-03-25


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