Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

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The series of biannual international conferences a€œANTS a€“ International C- ference on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligencea€, now in its sixth edition, was started ten years ago, with the organization of ANTSa€™98. As some readers might recall, the ?rst edition of ANTS was titled a€œANTSa€™98 a€“ From Ant Colonies to Arti?cial Ants: First International Workshop on Ant Colony Op- mization. a€ In fact, at that time the focus was mainly on ant colony optimization (ACO), the ?rst swarm intelligence algorithm to go beyond a pure scienti?c interest and to enter the realm of real-world applications. Interestingly, in the ten years after the ?rst edition there has been a gr- ing interest not only for ACO, but for a number of other studies that belong more generally to the area of swarmintelligence. The rapid growth of the swarm intelligence ?eld is attested by a number of indicators. First, the number of s- missions and participants to the ANTS conferences has steadily increased over the years. Second, a number of international conferences in computational - telligence and related disciplines organize workshops on subjects such as swarm intelligence, ant algorithms, ant colony optimization, and particle swarm op- mization. Third, IEEE startedorganizing, in 2003, the IEEE SwarmIntelligence Symposium (in order to maintain unity in this growing ?eld, we are currently establishingacooperationagreementbetweenIEEE SISandANTSsoastohave 1 IEEE SIS in odd years and ANTS in even years). Last, the Swarm Intelligence journal was born.The results show that our algorithm consistently outperforms other methods for this problem. ... Communication may be performed by one-to-one transmissions ( single-hop) or using other nodes as relay stations (multi-hop). ... ICT-2007-1). Christian Blum acknowledges support from the Ram Ion y Cajal program of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, whereas Guillem Franc`es acknowledgesanbsp;...

Title:Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
Author:Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari, Christian Blum
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-09-10


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