Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution

Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution

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Antarctica preserves a rock record that spans three and a half billion years of history and has a remarkable story to tell about the evolution of our Earth, from the hottest crustal rocks yet found in an orogenic system, to the assembly and breakup of Gondwana in the Phanerozoic. This volume highlights our improved understanding of the tectonic events that have shaped Antarctica and how these potentially relate to supercontinent assembly and fragmentation. The internal constitution of the East Antarctic Shield is assessed using information available from the basement geology and from detritus preserved as Mesozoic sediments in the Trans Antarctic Mountains. Accretionary orogenesis along the proto-Pacific margin of Antarctica is examined and the volumes of intracrustal melting compared with juvenile magma additions in these complex orogenic systems assessed. This special volume demonstrates the diversity of approaches required to elucidate and understand crustal evolution and evaluate the supercontinent concept.exhibits low d18O values, overlapping those from the Ford Granodiorite suite, and heterogeneous 1Hf(t) values ... from the Cambrian to the Permian (Foster aamp; Gray 2000; Collins 2002; Gray aamp; Foster 2004; Glen 2005; Cawood 2005; Foster et al. ... Figure 11 is an evolution diagram comparing whole rock 1Nd and zircon 1Hf data for igneous rocks from the three regions ... an active continental arc setting, with significant differences in the source and style of contemporaneous magmatism.

Title:Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution
Author:S.L. Harley, I.C.W. Fitzsimons, Y. Zhao
Publisher:Geological Society of London - 2014-01-24


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