Antenna Systems and Electronic Warfare Applications

Antenna Systems and Electronic Warfare Applications

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Antennas systems play a critical role in modern electronic warfare communications and radar. Today's EW engineers need to have a solid understanding of the design principles of this technology and how antenna systems are used in the field. This comprehensive book serves as a one-stop resource for practical EW antenna system know-how. Supported with over 700 illustrations and nearly 1, 700 equations, this authoritative reference offers professionals detailed explanations of all the important foundations and aspects of this technology. Moreover, engineers get an in-depth treatment of a wide range of antenna system applications. The book presents the key characteristics of each type of antenna, including dipoles, monopoles, loops, arrays, horns, and patches. Practitioners also find valuable discussions on the limitations of antennas system performance in EW applications.Table 4.4 Cutoff Frequencies for the Example Mode f, (GHZ) TEa€œ, 0.833 TEM, TEa€œ, 1.667 TEM, TMll 1.863 TEa€œ, TM21 2.357 TE30 2.5 mode (in, n). The rectangular waveguide must be operated at a frequency above the cutoff frequency for the respective mode to propagate. ... Examples of waveguides that will allow TEM modes 2 Figure 4.13 Ideal circular waveguide. include coaxial cable, parallel.

Title:Antenna Systems and Electronic Warfare Applications
Author:Richard Poisel
Publisher:Artech House - 2012


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