Antidumping Exposed

Antidumping Exposed

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The U.S. antidumping law enjoys broad political support in part because so few people understand how the law actually works. Its rhetoric of a€œfairnessa€ and a€œlevel playing fieldsa€ sounds appealing, and its convoluted technical complexities prevent all but a few insiders and experts from understanding the reality that underlies that rhetoric. CONNUM? CEP? FUPDOL? TOTPUDD? DIFMER? NPRICOP? POI? POR? LOT? Confused? Youa€™re not alone. Even members of Congress, whose opinions shape the course of U.S. trade policy, are baffled by those devilish details. Antidumping Exposed book seeks to penetrate the fog of complexity that shields the antidumping law from the scrutiny it deserves. It offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to how dumping is defined and measured under current rules. It identifies the many methodological quirks and biases that allow normal, healthy competition to be stigmatized as a€œunfaira€ and punished with often cripplingly high antidumping duties. The inescapable conclusion is that the antidumping law, as it currently stands, has nothing to do with maintaining a a€œlevel playing field.a€ Instead, antidumpinga€™s primary function is to provide an elaborate excuse for old-fashioned protectionism. The authors offer 20 specific proposals for reform of the World Trade Organizationa€™s Antidumping Agreement. Their analysis and ideas should be of great interest to businesses, trade lawyers, and trade negotiators around the world.LIST. OBSU CONNUMU PRIMEU SIZEU MATERIALU SALEU QTYU GRSUPRU DISCREBU MOVEU DIRSELU CREDITU ... Sm all Rubber CEP $5.70 $0.00 $0.65 $0.05 $025 $0.25 $0 .05 $0.10 $0.01 $0.15 $3.40 $3.91 Sm all Rubber EP $4.00 80 .22 $0.60 $0.00 ... EP Medium Plastic EP Medium Plastic CEP Medium Plastic EP Medium Vinyl EP Medium Vinyl EP Appendix 3.8 HYPOTHETICAL U.S.anbsp;...

Title:Antidumping Exposed
Author:Brink Lindsey, Daniel J. Ikenson
Publisher:Cato Institute - 2003-10-25


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