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There's no question that antlers are hot these days, with collectors paying top dollar for quality racks and everyone from hunters to hikers searching for them in fields and backwoods across the country. Handicraft techniques have moved far beyond the basic trophy mount as well, and one can find antler knives, antler pipes, and even antler chandeliers in shops and homes. Dennis Walrod's Antlers offers an entertaining and informative survey of all things antler, from their biology to their role in Native American culture to the sordid side of the antler boom. (Dubbed qthe new ivoryq by some, they have a lively presence on the Asian aphrodisiac market.) The book is also loaded with practical information and step-by-step instructions for collectors and craftsmen, designed to maximize the use (and profit) you can get out of your antlers.The median Boone and Crockett antler scores for elk and mule deer also are declining, as we have observed happening with whitetail deer. ... And right behind him there often will be a mule deer going in the same direction, just not as fast. ... Looking at the grouped five-year medians for elk, we see that there has been a drop of about 9 inches from the late 19705 (385 inches) to the turn of the centuryanbsp;...

Author:Dennis Walrod
Publisher:Stackpole Books - 2014-05-14


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