APOCalypse 2500 Magic & Techno-Sorcery

APOCalypse 2500 Magic & Techno-Sorcery

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APOCalypse 2500 Magic a Techno-Sorcery is the first volume of magic and techno-magic designed for the game Universe of APOCalypse 2500. This volume covers the theory and practice of magic in the game universe in more detail and contains lists of new spells, potions, and devices for the Sorcerer and Techno-Mage alike. Game masters will find this reference book an invaluable tool in their many campaigns and a good source for magical treasure. The basic principles set forth in Magic a Techno-Sorcery allow GM's to create an endless variety of new spells, potions, and devices for their custom game scenarios. This book is an RPG Percentile System compatible resource.Ring of Transmogrification D DU Small This Ring, depending on type, can transform a character into any other species of similar size. ... Psychic Rating and Willpower will remain unchanged as the essence of transformed characters does not change. ... 3 Cost 100, 000 G S Anything within the three ft teleport radius includes personal items and other creatures or players but not solidly fixed objects likeanbsp;...

Title:APOCalypse 2500 Magic & Techno-Sorcery
Author:J L Arnold
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-12-01


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