Apocalypse in Oklahoma

Apocalypse in Oklahoma

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Hamm skillfully untangles the complex web of catalysts that contributed to the conspiracy to bomb the Murrah Building, and uncovers startling revelations about the groups and individuals involved in terrorist activities against the government. He considers the importance of April 19 as a symbolic date for the radical right; discusses the role of Christian Identity, a theology that gives the blessing of God to the racist cause; and examines the significance of The Turner Diaries, a popular novel among militia groups that details a blueprint for anti-government violence. Hamm also discloses that a plan to bomb the Murrah Building was devised as early as 1983 by Christian Identity member Richard Wayne Snell. The author offers bold insights into the ways in which suspects Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were motivated by these influencesand McVeigh showed Fortier a bombmaking manual he was consulting for various explosives a€” from race-car fuel to ANFO a€” and ... Terry returned with Josh, and they spent several days between Fortiera#39;s trailer and McVeigha#39;s motel room.

Title:Apocalypse in Oklahoma
Author:Mark S. Hamm
Publisher: - 1997


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