Apocalypsis - Season 3

Apocalypsis - Season 3

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Two parallel, almost identical worlds. One corresponds to the year 2011, the other, to 2013. In 2011, the world is on the verge of destruction. The world of 2013, by contrast, is unaware of the apocalypse. 2011: When Franz Laurenz watches Edward Kelly's death on live television, he immediately flies back to Rome. When Pope John Paul III is appointed, Franz Laurenz begins preparations to save mankind from the apocalypse. Simultaneously, Maria is searching - with unexpected help - for Pandora's Box in Jerusalem. Just like a demonic child named Raymond. 2013: College professor Peter Adam has apocalyptic visions. When his wife and young daughter, Maya, die in a plane crash, his brother, Nikolas, reveals their deaths to be connected with the activities of an order of the occult. Peter realizes too late that he is the key to everything. That he has long-since unleashed the evil. And that only he can stop the end of the world. What is qApocalypsisq? Written by award-winning screenwriter and author Mario Giordano, qApocalypsisq is gripping and explosive: what starts out as a sophisticated Vatican conspiracy soon develops into a uniquely intense and spectacular thriller. qApocalypsisq is a digital e-book series consisting of three seasons with 12 episodes each. This is the complete third season. The grand finale!Thriller Mario Giordano ... a moment a€“ no, for several a€“ he had no idea what to do . He focused on just breathing. Like in the old days, when he had let his guard slip. When he had taken a hefty punch and had to find a way to regain his breath and stay on his feet. ... Now listen, I want you to seal off the entire Vatican City now.

Title:Apocalypsis - Season 3
Author:Mario Giordano
Publisher:BASTEI LÜBBE - 2015-08-03


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