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A narcotics task force police officer's risk-taking heroics to keep the public safe can take the very thing away from that person that they are trying to protect, which is life. Tom Maxwell is a man who comes from a background that almost inevitably led him down the path of trying to preserve life. He was forced to witness the terrors of substance abuse and the outcomes of the darkness that shrouds it, which was death. The son of a science teacher could not escape the questions that drive and inspire scientists. He had heard the word qhypothesisq more times than any classmate at a dinner table, that much he could guarantee. But the most intriguing hypothesis of all time to the greatest of scientists will always be the imagined solutions or possibilities to the questions that mankind cannot answer. What happens to us after we die? Is there such thing as a soul? Is there a religion that is right? Why is space too large for us to reach the ends of it? Are any of our archeological finds and understanding of mankind's history truly accurate? The answers to these unknowns are the top-shelf beverages, the high-end cigars, and the top-performing engines of the most sophisticated minds in any of our cultures throughout history. They are the crAume de la crAume of placing your mark in history. If a scientist was to ever accurately propose or discover the answers to any of these questions, well, he or she would have done the impossible. They would have achieved the goal that perhaps has led us to where we are today. If we were able to answer the unanswerable, then what would become of motivation, belief, faith, and imagination? Maybe the beauty of the unanswerable questions of mankind is that they are that way by design. Not being able to answer certain questions makes us motivated, keeps us dreaming, and enables us to have passion. As in any puzzle that we try to solve, love always complicates the pathways that we choose, and Tom Maxwell finds himself in a bind. Fighting the same fight of his past, when his love chooses an addiction too familiar to his adolescent life, leaves him damaged. He finds himself living a life where his decisions and actions depict who he will become. A hero is only a hero when his actions and timing are aligned with a heroic outcome. A dead man with the wrong timing is not branded with the champion insignia the way that a dead man with the right timing is labeled a hero. Tom faces a world filled with the need to master and understand timing. He will need to learn why our existence needs balance and how we grow at a pace spaced out over time, by design. Life will throw him into a cyclone of sink-or-swim type of learning, which will force him to protect the fate of mankind's future. He will be challenged to learn a new way of life and protect the intention of life's very design, the way that God had intended for mankind as mankind attempts to redesign their destiny. He is forced to learn the past of a scientist and will struggle with control issues regarding fate. Love will complicate him, birth will give him greater purpose, understanding other people's perspectives based on their histories will challenge him on being able to pursue their demise, because life is never black and white. It is always complicated, and people are the way they are because of what they've been through. A hero sometimes becomes legend because over time they ceased to exist.The evolved can live to about six hundred years but then must pass through the gates or die of old age and return to being a nonevolved. Some do this on ... Days pass and then I download their information to them, and we stay for a few more days. No rush, they ... I hope to pass through the bright, personally. Rememberanbsp;...

Author:Ross Friedman
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04


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