Apple Pie

Apple Pie

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Apple Pie is an apple pie lover's dream-100 recipes for apple pie in all of its delicious incarnations, plus ten versatile crust recipes.There are pies with single crusts, pies with double crusts, pies with frozen, store-bought crusts for convenience, and pies with decorative crusts, crumb toppings, and no toppings. There are traditional pies (My Mom and Dad's Brown Sugar Apple Pie), new twists (Baked Apple Dumpling Pie, Apple and Brie Hand Pies), multi-fruit pies (Apple-Plum Pie with Coconut Streusel), and pies for those who love apples in any and all forms (Shaker Boiled Apple Cider Pie). For health-conscious pie eaters, there are pies with whole-grain crusts, pies sweetened with honey, and pies not sweetened at all. It's all written in Haedrich's homey, easy-to-follow style, with plenty of apple lore, tips, and advice, plus a complete pie-maker's guide to apple varieties. With Apple Pie, any home cook can turn out a mouthwatering version of America's favorite pie.If youa#39;re not an experienced apple pie baker, you may find yourself staring at your pie after about an hour wondering ... The bottom crust will be golden browna€” here glass pans have a distinct advantage over metala€”and the top crust or crumbanbsp;...

Title:Apple Pie
Author:Ken Haedrich
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011-09-27


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