Apples of Uncommon Character

Apples of Uncommon Character

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In his classic A Geography of Oysters, Rowan Jacobsen forever changed the way America talks about its best bivalve. Now he does the same for our favorite fruit, showing us that there is indeed life beyond Red Deliciousa€”and even Honeycrisp. While supermarkets limit their offerings to a few waxy options, apple trees with lives spanning human generations are producing characterful varietiesa€”and now they are in the midst of a rediscovery. From heirlooms to new designer breeds, a delicious diversity of apples is out there for the eating. Apples have strong personalities, ranging from crabby to wholesome. The Black Oxford apple is actually purple, and looks like a plum. The Knobbed Russet looks like the love child of a toad and a potato. (But dona€™t be fooled by its looks.) The Da€™Arcy Spice leaves a hint of allspice on the tongue. Cut Hidden Rose open and its inner secret is revealed. With more than 150 art-quality color photographs, Apples of Uncommon Character shows us the fruit in all its glory. Jacobsen collected specimens both common and rare from all over North America, selecting 120 to feature, including the best varieties for eating, baking, and hard-cider making. Each is accompanied by a photograph, history, lore, and a list of characteristics. The book also includes 20 recipes, savory and sweet, resources for buying and growing, and a guide to the best apple festivals. Ita€™s a must-have for every foodie.Appearance The most famously ribbed of all apples, its five prominent lobes make it look more quince than apple. If youa#39;ve wondered ... The snow-white flesh will not brown easily. Flavor Simple ... Use If you find Granny Smith too sweet and flabby for your tastes, then Calville Blanc is the fresh apple for you. Others save it foranbsp;...

Title:Apples of Uncommon Character
Author:Rowan Jacobsen
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA - 2014-09-02


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