Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

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The Microsoft .NET Framework provides powerful technologies such as ASP.NET Web Forms, XML Web services, and Windows Forms to simplify developing applications and components that work seamlessly on the Internet. This book shows how to make the most of the .NET Framework's common language runtime (CLR). Written by two highly respected developer/writers and intended for anyone who understands OOP concepts such as data abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism, this book clearly explains the extensible type system of the CLR, examines how the CLR manages the behavior of types, and explores how an application manipulates types. While focusing on Visual Basic .NET, its in-depth explanations and concepts apply equally to all programming languages that target the .NET Framework. Topics covered include: The .NET Framework architecture Building, packaging, deploying, and administering applications and their types Building and deploying shared assemblies Type fundamentals Primitive, reference, and value types Operations common to all objects Type members and accessibility Constants, fields, methods, properties, and events Working with text Enumerated types and bit flags Array types Interfaces Custom attributes Delegates Error handling with exceptions Automatic memory management AppDomains and reflectionInitialize the memory to set the initial state of the resource and to make the resource usable. ... as the Microsoft Windows Task Manager, the System Monitor ActiveX Control, NuMega BoundsChecker from Compuware, and Rationala#39;s Purify)anbsp;...

Title:Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Author:Jeffrey Richter, Francesco Balena
Publisher: - 2002


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