April 27, 2011, The Day My Life Changed

April 27, 2011, The Day My Life Changed

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This book is based upon the true story of the April 27, 2011, outbreak of tornadoes that came through the state of Alabama. An EF4 tornado swept through a community destroying everything in its path. But it did leave behind survivors to tell the story of that day. Experience the actual events one family did as they were being thrown out of a house and into a field and witness the determination by all and the people from everywhere coming to help the victims to live as they all a waited hours for medical help. Trees upon twisted trees and debris from everywhere all over the roads made it completely unrecognizable even to residents of the valley. Even though the injuries were major, people still fought to survive. They all kept their faith that help was not far behind. Relive the aftermath and the struggles as everyone in this community did. With a complete foundation of hope, faith, and love, people gathered from all over the States to come help.Please keep my Chevy Impala on the road and not off the side of the mountain where I would never be found.a€ As I came down the ... a€œFather, please help us all get out of here.a€ I was by this ... I looked at my phone and saw I had three service bars so I would be able to call outa€”or at least I was hoping thatI could. Then I saidanbsp;...

Title:April 27, 2011, The Day My Life Changed
Author:Stacy Landry
Publisher:Author House - 2013-04-25


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