Arab Development Denied

Arab Development Denied

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Arab Development Denied examines how over the last three decades the Arab world has undergone a process of developmental descent, or de-development. As a result of defeat in wars, the loss of security and sovereignty, and even their own class proclivity, the Arab ruling classes have been transformed into fully compradorial classes that have relinquished autonomy over policy. The neoliberal policies adopted since the early eighties are not developmental policies, but the terms of surrender by which Arab resources, human or otherwise, are stifled or usurped. In this book, Ali Kadri attributes the Arab worlda€™s developmental failure to imperialist hegemony over oil and the rising role of financialisation, which goes hand in hand with the wars of encroachment that strip the Arab world of its sovereignty and resources.... worker was on average negative, and intraregional trade remained as low as 10 per cent (KILM, various years; UN 2010). ... The money capital pouring in was not going to repair the damage inflicted by the WB/IMF-sponsored policies over the last thirty years. ... While private investment rose, total investment fell as a result of the receding share of public investment. Private investment went into the so-called FIRE economy (finance, insurance and real estate) or into areas of quick gainanbsp;...

Title:Arab Development Denied
Author:Ali Kadri
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2015-03-15


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