Arabian Assignment

Arabian Assignment

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Arabian Assignment: qFrightening, exciting, erotic, educational, titillating!q Follow the adventures of a young African-American couple who go to Sudan to buy freedom for slaves, only to be captured themselves. Used as pawns in a deadly plot by al-Qaeda, Osama bin-Laden's terrorist group, the girl is destined to be a sex slave, the man a fighter in a deadly, ancient sport. An aging white hunter and ex-British commando joins forces with an unlikely partner, a young black CIA operative, to trek through Sudan and try a rescue. Along the way they battle through Sudanese civil war factions, desert warlords, even the Russian Mafia, using their combat expertise and large-bore sniper rifles to survive. But as they locate the two young Americans they also stumble across the most deadly terrorist plot ever conceived, and must try to prevent it from resulting in thousands of innocent deaths. Not for the faint-hearted, this book is based on real news events that are often shocking and repulsive. Yet the introspection and depth of the main characters show humanity still carries on with romance, love, humor and deep bonds of friendship forged in the struggle for survival. A natural sequel to the highly-acclaimed novel, Elephant Gun, this one will open your eyes and minds to a sordid world seldom mentioned in the western media.This is sort of like if I went into one of your churches, Joshua, making a point of being a militant Klan member who idolizes Hitler, then asked them for a favor. ... In previous arrangements to buy freedom for slaves through the AASG, all the financial transactions were handled internationally by ... But trying to make a dent in this sick systems isa€”I dona#39;t know, like bailing out a sinking battleship with a bucket.

Title:Arabian Assignment
Author:Phillip E. Carpenter
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-07-01


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