Arabic in the City

Arabic in the City

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Filling a gap in the literature currently available on the topic, this edited collection is the first examination of the interplay between urbanization, language variation and language change in fifteen major Arab cities. The Arab world presents very different types and degrees of urbanization, from well established old capital-cities such as Cairo to new emerging capital-cities such as Amman or Nouakchott, these in turn embedded in different types of national construction. It is these urban settings which raise questions concerning the dynamics of homogenization/differentiation and the processes of standardization due to the coexistence of competing linguistic models. Topics investigated include: History of settlement The linguistic impact of migration The emergence of new urban vernaculars Dialect convergence and divergence Code-switching, youth language and new urban culture Arabic in the Diaspora Arabic among non-Arab groups. Containing a broad selection of case studies from across the Arab world and featuring contributions from leading urban sociolinguistics and dialectologists, this book presents a fresh approach to our understanding of the interaction between language, society and space. As such, the book will appeal to the linguist as well as to the social scientist in general.I shall also compare TA with the Bedouin dialects of Fezzan (Caubet 2004; P. MarAsais 2001) and the urban dialects of Benghazi (Owens 1983, 1984; Panetta 1943). ... a€œa grain of wheata€, l-eqrAcb a€œclose friends, neighborsa€, qamer a€œmoona€, sArq a€œmarchAca€, fy-AsAsandArq a€œin the boxa€, Asaqrab a€œscorpiona€, sArq a€œmarketa€, ... They fuse with dental occlusives: *alaaa agt; tlAta a€œthree, *ohE™b agt; dhAcb a€œgolda€, *xoa agt; xde a€œhe tooka€. There is just one voiced emphatic [\]: *mrc\ agt; mrC| a€œsicka€, *2-h-r agt; |+h+r a€œ middaya€.

Title:Arabic in the City
Author:Catherine Miller, Enam Al-Wer, Lecturer in Linguistics Department of Language and Linguistics Enam Al-Wer, Dominique Caubet, Janet C.E. Watson, Senior Lecturer Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Janet C E Watson
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-12-14


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