Archaeological Fantasies

Archaeological Fantasies

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This edited volume examines the phenomenon of pseudoarchaeology from a variety of perspectives. The engaging and stimulating essays, written by a diverse group of scholars, scientists and writers, explore issues including: the differences between real and pseudoarchaeology pseudoarchaeology's increasing popularity and how the media, especially TV, has contributed to this the warping of genuine archaeology to fit national and other agendas pseudoarchaeology's potential risk to the genuine academic field of archaeology. Including case studies such as the supposedly mystical Maya, Nazi pseudoarchaeology, ancient pseudohistory in modern India, and surveys of esoteric Egypt, this fascinating text will appeal to students of archaeology and ancient history as well as being of interest to the general reader.... from various walks of life - including a US congressman, several clairvoyants, an amateur tour- guide, journalists, and even a few ... a secret brotherhood of astronomer-priests in locations such as Bolivia, Egypt, and Cambodia. ... 3 These three scenarios represent just the tip of the iceberg 1: Diagnosing pseudoarchaeology.

Title:Archaeological Fantasies
Author:Garrett G. Fagan
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2006


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